You are right that something has changed, and not for the better. Feels less like a community and more like a gathering of former National Enquirer edtitors with countless how-to headlines and hooks on the same themes of how to make more money, have more energy and improve your morning routine, which we all know by now, is the key to making more money and having more energy. I'm still here. Don't know how long.

Anthony, kudos to you for seeing earlier in life that starting your own business gives you more freedom, control and autonomy. It sucks and creates anxiety to have your future entirely in the hands of a bean counter scrutinizing his Excel spreadsheets or a manager threatened by your existence.

I went full-time on my own business for two years. I survived but I didn't thrive. Then I got an unexpected full-time job offer for good pay and excellent benefits. I jumped on it.

Today I work full-time on that job and part-time on my own business. This mitigates my risk and maximizes my career opportunities after 50 and into retirement.

Sounds as if you've already figured it out. Again, congratulations. You set yourself up for a meaningful life and satisfying retirement, or as I like to call it, refirement.

M.M. O'Keefe

M.M. O'Keefe

My mission: See, write and inspire. I used to do that as a Christian journalist covering religion. Now I write stories of faith, hope and humor right here.