Pope Francis #NoHolyFather

Drop your title in repentance.

Ad for the progressive German weekly Der Spiegel’s 19-page report criticizing Pope Francis’s leadership of the Catholic Church in the sex abuse crisis.

1. Drop the papal titles

2. Stop calling priests “Father”

A Roman collar on a priest, typically called “Father.” Let’s take a one-year break from that name.

3. Ged rid of the power hats

These are the men with the red hats, symbols of authority. Source: The Vatican.

4. Ask the children for forgiveness

It’s time to bow in repentance. Photo from Unsplash.

4. Wear sackcloth and ashes

Why you should care

I’m a communications VP, journalist & after-50 career and life coach who writes about faith, history and finding your purpose. FiredUP50.com.

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